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Become Your Own Ultimate Transformation

The Xyngular Ultimate System lives up to its name. Ultimate is Xyngular’s most effective system to lose the most weight, the fastest, while improving your whole-body health. This system starts out with an 8-day jumpstart that rapidly increases your weight loss results and success. Ultimate is also the best value as it contains our most effective combination of weight loss and health products all in one system, and with each Ultimate purchase, you receive a *$100 product credit toward your next purchase to help you continue your weight loss journey. Ultimate features our award-winning product, Trimstix, our popular meal replacement, Lean Meal, as well as Probiotix, a tasty and potent formula for gut health. Low-carb/keto meal plans are also included within the system to help accelerate weight loss results, and you’ll also have access to Xander, your very own virtual coach. Xander will provide daily tips and information, as well as remind you when to take your product. Become the ultimate you: trim, fit, healthy, and happy.

System Includes:

Plus $100 Product Credit

  • Xyng
  • Flush
  • Cheat
  • Lean
  • Global Blend
  • Axion
  • Xr2
  • Spryng
  • Trimstix
  • Lean Meal
  • Accelerate
  • Probiotix
  • Advanced Omega
  • Shaker Bottle
  • Virtual Coach
  • Guide Book

Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit includes free 30-day support from Xander, your virtual support specialist. Xander helps you get the most benefit from your Ultimate Transformation Kit System.


Q: Who is Xander?
A: Xander is your virtual support specialist! Xyngular created Xander to help you with any Ignite, UTK, or product support questions you may have during your transformation. Right now Xander is available in English language and supports our U.S. and Canada markets.

Q: How much does Xander cost?
A: Xander is free for your first 30 days when you purchase a Xyngular Ignite Kit or Ultimate Transformation Kit on your inception order. You can also use Xander any time for just $5 a month.

Q: Will Xander be able to answer questions?
A: Yes! You can text Xander any questions you have about your kit, the products, or other topics related to the Ignite or UTK systems. Most of these questions Xander will answer, and some will be answered by Xyngular’s live support staff. Xander is also getting smarter all the time. As you ask Xander questions his knowledge expands.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask Xander?
A: Xander knows almost everything about the Ignite program and the Xyngular Way of Health. If you are ever unsure about what foods to eat, when to take the products, or need some exercise tips, just ask. Xander is just a text away.

Read more at the Xyngular Xander FAQ.