Trim Down Trio w/ Lean Vanilla

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Trim Down Trio w/ Lean Vanilla

With this trio of products, you will get the following:

Accelerate with Thermolit Blend
This clinically-researched formula provides 24-hour fat-burning potential, appetite control, and digestion support to help you achieve results faster than other competing products.

Lean Vanilla
Lean is a premium protein shake with a full spectrum of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that provides high-quality nutrition in a low-calorie form. Each 50-calorie serving of Lean provides 10g of protein in a non-gmo, gluten-free shake.

Trimstix Fruit Punch is a refreshing on-the-go drink mix specifically designed to help control blood sugar levels. Formulated with a patented proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, Trimstix is a delicious 10-calorie drink that curbs unwanted cravings to support healthy weight loss.

  • Accelerate with Thermolit Blend
  • Lean Vanilla
  • Trimstix

Also includes Xynder for the first 30 days!