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Company History

Years ago, Symmetry founder Rudy Revak had a mission; he wanted to create a lasting institution that would change people's lives physically, financially, and personally. In May 1995, Rudy laid the foundation in California and Symmetry was born. The companys success continues to grow exponentially eighteen years after its humble beginning; distribution centers hum with activity around the United States, the Philippines and the Caribbean.

Through a high-quality product line, an outstanding marketing plan and a philosophy of helping people to help themselves, Symmetry offers people from all walks of life a chance to achieve physical and financial success and to live their dreams. In collaboration with other internationally recognized business leaders, Symmetry's training programs have been proven time and time again to produce successful, top-notch business people.

Nutrition experts applied years of experience to create Symmetry's popular product line. Nutrient-rich formulas were made to complement each other, creating a synergistic relationship designed to enhance results when the supplements are taken together. Symmetry's state-of-the-art products are constantly being improved and updated to reflect the latest scientific developments in nutrition.

Over the last few years, Symmetry has been searching out the finest talent and experienced professionals to set up new processes, systems, and services with a sister company and operational service provider and direct sales business consulting entity. Product inventory controls, IT systems, logistics systems, financial services, and management controls have been developed and fine-tuned to ensure Symmetry has the foundation needed to go to the next level of success. In 2013, the company moved its worldwide headquarters to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Symmetry is a member of the Direct Selling Association and the Better Business Bureau. The company and its internationally respected leadership have been recognized in major business publications, including nine times in Success Magazine.

With the constant commitment to being the most respected direct selling company in the world, our executive team's long-range plan creates a lasting Symmetry legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation. At Symmetry Global, we believe that through our collective efforts and combined skills and talents we can create opportunities far beyond any individual's efforts. We invite you to join us as the Symmetry opportunity continues to flourish.