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Dr. Mark Crapo

DR. MARK CRAPO - Sr. Vice President, Product Technology & Training

Dr. Mark Crapo has a black belt in Judo and is the Chief Master Instructor for the Aikido style, but don't let his 40 years experience in the martial arts scare you away. Mark's mission is to make others feel good -something he accomplishes daily with his work as a doctor and his work with Symmetry. Mark is one of Symmetry's founders, Senior Vice President of Product Technology and Training and the mastermind behind Symmetry's well-loved products.

Mark, known around here as Dr. Mark, practiced as a primary healthcare physician for 30 years in California and Michigan, but his desire to help even more people lead him to a career outside of his private practice. Dr. Mark graduated cum laude from Central Michigan University, earned a graduate degree in acupuncture, a doctorate degree in oriental medicine and has taken post-doctoral classes at various universities. A self-proclaimed geek, he keeps up on the latest health and nutrition research, and he uses this knowledge to improve Symmetry's product line.

Dr. Mark has written many articles on health and healing and is an editor and contributing author of the Practical Applied Nutrition course licensed in the State of California.

Brandon Langer

Brandon Langer - Vice President of Sales

Brandon Langer is the US Corporate Vice President for Symmetry. He brings more than 15 years of executive management and network marketing experience to the company. He has excelled both in the field as an independent Business Partner, and on the corporate side, helping build Symmetry to new levels of success.

Brandon joined the Symmetry management shortly after college. Prior to becoming a Vice President with Symmetry, Brandon showcased his leadership ability by leading the No. 1 region in US sales for Symmetry in 2008. His unique skill for working with people allowed him to develop strong independent teams within the Symmetry organization. In 2010, his role within the company increased, as he was asked to oversee the entire US Symmetry organization. Under his leadership, sales within the United States achieved record growth.

A distinguished speaker and motivator, Brandon is often requested to speak at independent business partner events across the US and throughout the world. His passions are personal development for new leaders, monitoring and pinpointing industry trends, promoting success strategies and team training.